About the blog

I am Brynley Pearlstone. Please, though, call me Bryn. I have an idling twitter feed, an uninteresting facebook, and countless dead social media sites. Don’t believe me? My name is pretty unique, just google it!

Why am I telling you this. Well, it’s because, historically, I’ve not been very good at keeping up with the internet. But that’s about to change.

Welcome to my blog! You’re on my “About” page. You probably want to know what it’s about. Well, its my journal, pretty much, for a time in my life which might be considered interesting. I am currently working at the LIGO Hanford Observatory (LHO), part of a huge astrophysics project undertaken by smart people around the world.

I’m studying for my Ph.D at the University of Glasgow, and have taken a long term attachment here in Washington as a part of it.

This blog might be quite personal, or might be quite removed from my own experiences. It might vary day to day. But I’ll keep it as a journal of what it’s like to travel a third of the way across the globe in order to science better!

Throughout the blog, I’ll be keeping a map of where I go, it might include food joints, bars, the LIGO facility, hikes and anything else I do. Using google maps, I’m organising it day by day, and you, dear reader, can toggle the layers on and off as you see fit.



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