A Week


I’m behind on the blogs, so I’ll keep the next few posts brief.


At work on Monday morning, I had felt like my search for the combs was exhausted, so I asked Robert for advice. While waiting for him to get back to me, I got on with some work for Glasgow – making a start on the progression report. The report much be in at the end of April, and I need it in order to get into third year at Glasgow. It needs doing while I’m here. In the afternoon, all the fellows, including Ross and Tega met with Mike for our weekly meeting. This week, Miriam was giving a long presentation on her investigation into blip glitches.It wasn’t until the end of the day that Robert got back to me with some advice. That was to come next.

In the evening, I spent some time putting together the pub quiz for Wednesday, and chatting with Tega. I went over to Evan’s flat and, on request, looked through Vinny’s old room for his lost item, but only found some old McDonalds bag.


Robert got back to me with something to do over the evening, and I got straight to it on Tuesday, firstly with some follow up work on some transient truck noise coupling into the detector. It was just creating a series of plots, but there were a lot of them. I spent some time in the afternoon thinking about the mouse guard campaign, and what to do next, and wrote some notes – that’s all I needed.

That evening, Evan, Miriam and I went to Woo’s Teriyaki to pick up some food and make aa move back to my place to start playing mouse guard. I had planned to make food, but I didn’t want to leave until too late. Nutsinee arrived an hour later anyway, so we could have waited anyhow. The game was good, but the party ended in a weird place that will be hard to pick up from.


At work, Ed mentioned that, while I was here, I should get involved with doing some work on the detector itself. He’s right, I should, but there’s quite a steep learning curve. In the evening, I went over to the bike shop on Lee Blvd to pick up a bike I had seen there, but they had already sold it. So on the walk home, I made some inquiries on craigslist about bikes in the area.


After work on Thurday, a bunch of us went out to a greek place in West Richland, as a last meal for Ed before he headed back to Sheffield. It was a good chance for Ross and I to chat, and for me to get be British again. After the food, Ross came back with me and Tega to the apartment for a few beers. It was nice.


All day Friday at work, I was in a good mood, because that night, I was picking up Joe from the airport! I muddled my way through the day before leaving early with Evan. One of my plans for the evening was to meet a guy about a bike. The hitch was that the night before I had lost my phone.I had to find it before I could arrange a meeting place. Once I found it, the guy texted me a meeting place way out in the sticks.

Ross didn’t come back until relatively late, so Mr. Bike agreed to meet me in Richlasnd on Sunday.

Then, all I had to do was tidy the flat before Joe arrived at 11, jetlagged and well travelled.


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