Hello My Name Is

Today’s might be a shorter post than you’re used to by now.

Today was to be my first day at the office at LIGO. Now, here’s a disclaimer: I’m not super-comfortable talking about the work that I do on a day to day basis. I caan give broad strokes stuff, after all, it is a publically funded project, but on the small scales, we have a few issues

  1. It’s super-dull. You don’t want to hear about the minutia of sitting at a desk and coding, or about making X or Y device to look for Z defect.
  2. I don’t want to be held up as a source of reliable information. For now, at least, I’m not super confident in what I’m doing, so I don’t want to be held to anything.
  3. There is an MOU involved that I don’t go telling secrets. I don’t know what I can and can’t say, so I’ll play it safe.

So here we go:

I woke up kinda early, about 05:30(PST), and just took the morning slow. Tea, cereal, pack a bag, and off to meet Evan for a ride in.

I don’t have a driving license yet, so for the time being, I’m stuck lift sharing. I’ll address that later though.

So I get to work, and Evan drops me at the main entrance building, kinda like a visitors entrance. I get handed a key (A KEY TO SCIENCE), a folder full of information to read, and a checklist of people to meet, and I’m told to go and find people. But it’s still earlier than 9am, so I go into the corner station building, find somewhere to sit, and read.

Sooner or later, people start filtering in, and I go see them. John Worden gives me the safety briefing. Very brief. He asks about my license (nope), my glasses (strong), and what I intend to work on.

The day goes on much in the same way. “Hi, I’m Bryn, I’m starting today as the new fellow. I’m supposed to talk to you about…” Then, return to my desk (I have a desk at a cubicle), read some, do some paperwork.


It’s not that bad.


Once  I’ve met everyone, I still have to get a signature from Mike, my supervisor. But he didn’t get back to my email. So I just read more. By about 3.30pm, the jetlag sets in, and I really struggle to stay awake. It’s all I can do to stay awake at my desk.

By about 5.30, Darkhan comes around to offer me a ride back to the apartment. I make food, and without even the energy to wash up, I’m in bed and asleep just before 10.

Not a thrilling day, but a big one, and not everything can be a story.

Here’s today’s map:

[Header image source]


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