Travel summary!

I’m done writing in depth travel blogs. Here’s a bullet listed run down, with a photodump of each place. Sorry about that!


New York!

  • Stayed with my Uncle/Aunt/Cousin
  • Spent time with them catching up – nice


  • Walked through Central Park
  • Met with friend Alexis in Williamsburg
  • Ate a rainbow bagel
  • Walked around China Town, Little Italy, Times Square
  • Lots of walking ~14mi


  • Explored Greenwich Village (gay area)
  • Empire States Building was cool
  • New headphones
  • Pooped in Trump Tower (on purpose) #DumpOnTrump
  • Seder with family friends – good fun!
  • Looked around Columbia University at night


  • Visited Wall Street
  • Met friend Danielle
  • Freedom tower was cool
  • Ground Zero was kinda haunting
  • Lunch in Chelsea – The Cantena (or something)
  • Hung out w/ cousin & boyfriend – good to catch up
  • Second Seder night with family!


  • Arrived home relatively late, watched Game of Thrones



  • The dreams of the nineties are alive in Portland!


  • Stayed in hostel/airbnb with Ross
  • Craig, T, Darkhan stayed elsewhere
  • Made friends with bunk mate, Mariko, tourist from Japan! She’s so lovely
  • Journey down was beautiful, pine forests, Columbia river gorge(ous)
  • Portland is a spontaneous terrarium – life is everywhere!
  • Saturday markets, great crafts, good fun
  • Walk over to the zoo, rose garden (only 1 rose) and japanese garden
  • Ate with another hostel made, Dane, owned 2 guns
  • Went to Burnside Brewery, some weird and some delicious beers
  • Accidentally ended up at a gig of Asher Fulero Band


  • Revisited Saturday market to see more
  • Wandered around the mean streets of Portland
  • Visited Powells – a bookstore a whole city block big!
  • Headed to Deschutes Brewpub for lunch
  • Drive home with Evan
  • Stopped at Multnomah Falls
  • Arrived home relatively late
  • Watched Game of Thrones!




  • Drove down with Ross, Nutsinee
  • Met Craig, Darkhan, Dave (new flatmate I might have failed to mention)
  • Started at coffee shop, bussed to Pike Place Market
  • Food – Gyro (they spelled it “Yurro” just to be safe!)
  • Walked over to Space needle, long line, so straight to gift shop
  • EMP closed.
  • Go for food again – Jamjuree (same place ass comicon day)
  • Elysium Bar – Played 3 or 4 rounds of Avalon
  • Back to airbnb – nice place for 3 people!


  • Wake, breakfast, finally meet hosts!
  • Go out for breakfast
  • Drive back into the Capitol Hill, meet other at coffee shop
  • EMP! Big museum (Experience Music Project)
  • Indie game exhibit – played a bunch of indie games
  • Experience music – a bunch of instruments to play. No talent -> I didn’t stay long!
  • Star Trek exhibit! More my speed
  • Sci-Fi exhibit, cool
  • Horror exhibit – interesting
  • Fantasy exhibit – kinda insulting
  • Food – the Armory, meat pie (with Brown Sauce!)
  • Uwajimaya, huge asian goods shop – includes a bank and a book shop.
  • Drive home with Ross, Nutsinee. Listen to Harmontown podcast


Happy digesting! Maybe one day, I’ll go through these in more detail.


One comment

  1. In Becky's Head · May 30, 2016

    Woooooo! Nice travelling – you’ve been very busy.
    Also, I am so amused that you pooped in Trump Tower. That’s going on the bucket list.


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