3 weeks to go!

This is the third week before I come back to Glasgow. At some point, I hope that I’ll have time to catch up on blog posts that I need to write. But until then, I’ve been kept very busy indeed.

You might recall that back in April, I was yearning to start doing Mouseguard, and running a pub quiz. Well, that sort of destroyed any kind of my own time in the evenings. It’s been the case that Monday night is my own time, Tuesday, I write the quizzes, Wednesday, I run the quizzes, Thursday, I host Mouseguard, and Friday is again, my own time. Laterly, my weekends have also been pretty well booked out as well, between NYC, Portland, the B-reactor, and this weekend, I’m visiting a shooting range (I’m saving Sunday free though).

Additionally to that, at work I’ve been trying to plug away as best I can, but I had been stuck on a coding hurdle. Trying to learn python, I think, will prove to be worth the time. But it has made the coding relatively slow going. But now that I have the code working for making, comparing and plotting BLRMS values (it’s pretty versatile too), I can run off and do some actual studies.

Last night, at the pub where I host the quiz, there was low turnout for the umpteenth time in a row. Lindsay told me that they probably won’t run the quiz any more. That frees up two of my evenings in any given week.

On top of that, my Mouseguard campaign is coming to a close either this week or next. Hopefully with this extra evening time I’ll be able to better keep this blog.

It’s been warm here recently, and now that the pool at the apartment is open, I might use some of this free time to take a dip, get back on the treadmill, or go running outside. Then again, maybe that’s just wishful thinking.

Time is ticking away, and I’m ok with it.

See you soon, Glasgow!


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