Super Bowl Blowout!

Sunday arrives, and I’ve promised to skype Joe again. The long distance is made harder by the time difference between us. After breakfast, coffee and some writing, we decide to spend the morning (his evening) watching Jessie Jones on Netflix. We intended only to watch one, but it was so good, we held out for a second before he went to bed, and I went about my day. Maybe once we finish the first season, I’ll write a short piece on here. It isn’t very LIGO, but it’s a little Bryn.

Evan had offered to let me tag along to his friend’s place to see the Superbowl. He came over about 2, and we jump into his own car and get on the road. He told me of how he had to replace the starter motor over the winter, but the car was a good runner. Then, we got on the highway and went… about 500 metres.


We had turned onto the 240 Bypass highway by the apartments, and before we’d even got out of sight, we were in the hard shoulder. After a call to his dad, thhen the insurers, we were told that a tow truck was on its way. I pushede the car a little forward so we were further into the shoulder, and Evan and I chatted. I asked how he met his girlfriend, Miriam. I told him that I had a boyfriend. (It always feel like a relief coming out somewhere new. I’m not sure why.), and we just chatted for half an hour.

When the tow truck arrived, I don’t know what I was expecting, but it was probably exactly what you’re expecting. Out jumps a man in a grubby hi-viz jacket, a frayed, worn khaki cap, cargo pants and a big, scruffy beard. We jump into the cab of his truck. It was grubby, it smelled of tobacco, and there was country music playing. He set to work securing Evan’s poor car, and jacking it up onto the truck bed. As he got back into the drivers seat, he asked “Where y’all want this?”.


It’s times like this, no matter whaere I am, be it in Glasgow, Richland or Swansea (yes, I lived there too) that I feel a bit weird about being English. Sometimes, it wins people over, and sometimes, I feel like it does me no favours. So I stayed quiet, and bided my time. Evan apologised for tearing him away from the SuperBowl. “Naw, I’m more of a NasCar guy. I used to race a car I built myself” You get the picture.

He took the car to a local mechanics called Cronk’s, then dropped Evan and I back to the crossroads by the apartments, where we broke down. Evan grabbed one of the other cars, and off we went to his friend’s, Steph’s

We were greeted in to this huge house. All new built, open plan. Sofas gathered around the TV. I get introduced to Steph and her daughter Karma. She seemed about 9. Also there were their friends, Tom and Sharon, and their (I guess) 2 year old daughter, Alexie. Alexie was the CUTEST. She wanted tickles, so I did the whole “Round and round the garden, like a teddy-bear” thing. The room fell silent. Aparently, that’s not a thing in the states.

So Steph had a spread of food out, all chips and dip and carrot sticks and some Mexican wraps. It was really nice. We all talk over the SuperBowl (it’s a visual medium), laugh at the commercials. I had a really good time. Tom was saying how he wanted to get a truck, and I couldn’t help myself. I asked him why he wants a truck.

“To get lumber and stuff.”

and before I could filter it, I burst out with

“Do you do that often?”

The women burst into laughter, they knew I had a point. Suzie said “I guess it’s just a guy thing.”

Again, before I knew it, I said “Don’t get me wrong, I’m a guy too. I just don’t get it.”. Again with the laughter.

But soon, the game was over. We said our goodbyes and went on our way. Evan dropped me back home, and he went back out to get some work done. I, however, just stayed home and relaxed for the rest of my weekend.

Then it was Monday again.

The next blog post will compound a few days together. Stay tuned.

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One comment

  1. In Becky's Head · February 10, 2016

    They don’t have “Round and round the garden?” I knew they were a bit off. 😛


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