The week before the conference

You had my reflective post earlier this week. Whilst I’m still feeling a bit airy, I’ll try not to focus on it today. I’ve had other things to do! Let’s do it differently today, instead of day by day, I’ll do it part-by-part.

The science part:

After a slow start to the week, Thursday and Friday really got some things moving. On Thursday morning, I started with a bang. Elli had finished her experiment. We couldn’t do what we wanted until she was done, it would have messed with her results, and she and Cao leave for Australia directly from the conference next week.

Anyway, what this means is that on Thursday morning, Richard told me that it was time to “Do the thing”. First, I had to do the fetch-quest known as a work permit. Then it was go time. I grabbed Vinny and Fil, and we went into the EBAY and we watched and commented as Fil did the thing. It was all done before 10.30. It was almost an anticlimax! All we had to do now to see if it worked was to wait for a good interferometer lock.

For the rest of Thursday, I had been talking to Keith, one of the co-chairs of the continuous wave  data analysis group, about the next targets to go after. It seems that starting one of these investigations can be a bit slow – looking through a long list of coherent PEM channels, getting the right frequency band, Vinny and I both picked a list of channels and got plot-happy.

In the meantime, Robert had asked me to hunt down the point that a line appeared in the strain spectrum, so I scrolled back through the summary pages and looked. When that failed on days without enough lock, I made some plots to pinpoint the day. Nothing exciting.

I finished looking through the summaries this morning, before seeing if the IFO locked overnight, It did not. No results today.

Onto the next task – reviewing the coherence plots. We did not see the coherence that we were suppose to. That doesn’t seem right. So we scratched heads, looked at a few more plots, then decided that it was best to consult Robert.

We decided in the end that instead it was prudent to throw together a code to bulk process a bunch of channel. Vinny threw that together, and we both ran it.

The apartment Part

Stefan arrive late on Tuesday night – and is never at home. He’s generally at the site from 8am to 11pm, and whilst Hang’s supervisor is here, he’s pulling the same kinds of shifts. By virtue of this, I tend to have the evenings to myself at home. Normally, though, it’s not as good a thing as you might expect. On Wednesday, I was expecting Darkhan to come over and finish his mouseguard character generation. He fell asleep though. So I tidies, watched netflix, cooked and chilled.

On Thursday, Vinny came over after work to watch Sunny, and have some food. That successfully killed a few hours. By 8 though, he departed. Darkhan did make it back over to finish his character. In fact, I will post a prologue to the mouseguard campaign to try to characterise the guardmice.

Then on Friday, much the same. Home, cook, chill, except this time, I packed for the LVC. Stuffed a week’s worth of clothes and books and chargers into a bag to take onto the airplane. .






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