Walkie weekend

I spent half of Friday out at the X-arm end station with Vinny. It’s a much less cluttered area, but otherwise, it was pretty much the same. The drive down was strange, as the tumbleweed were stacked up 5 feet high next to the arm.


Science was done, chat was had, and then we came back to the corner. On the way back, much of the tumbleweed had been bailled up. It’s how they deal with them – rather than just move them around and annoy somebody else.

In the evening, Vinny came over, we ordered pizza and binge watched Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia. It was nice, but kinda unremarkable.

\the binge watching didn’t end there either. It carried on as the tone for the whole weekend.

On Saturday morning, Joe and I skyped, then I skyped Chris and Joolz. I didn’t really start the day until about mid-day. The plan for the day was to head into town, top up my at&t phone, pick up a pair of gloves to replace one that Vinny and I lost, and whatever else happens.

On the way to at&t, I stopped into Roasters Coffee to grab something. The weather was cloudy, but warm, so I got something cold.I was done at at&t within 5 minutes and started walking the other way towards Ace Hardware, in Uptown. It’s right over the road from Adventures, and from the Caterpillar Cafe. At Ace Hardware, I picked up some new gloves, as well as a length of washing line – our flat has a little patio, and it would be nice to leave things outside to dry.

Then, on the way back, I stopped into the cafe and tried their peach oolong. Tasty tea was tasty. I stopped in there for 10 minutes to chat. Nutsinee told me that she’d be there in an hour, but I had things to get home for, and wasn’t too happy waiting there for an hour. So I passed, and started walking home. Turned out to be an 8 mile round trip.

An hour later, I got back and decided that, at 5pm, it was time for half an hour at the gym. I ran a mile and spend some time on various machines before coming back for a sweet, sweet shower.

That evening, after cooking a shepards pie, Hang joined me to create his mouseguard character – looks like he’ll be the leader, which should be really interesting.

After that, I went back to my room and watched a few more hours of It’s Always Sunny, and finished crocheting my StormTrooper!


On Sunday, after Skyping Joe again, and a few more hours of Always Sunny, I decided to go for a walk in the park near to the apartments. It’s a beautiful day out, so I explore by the river too. As I was leaving, Nutsinee called to ask if I wanted to come to Seattle with her! She was going to get a tattoo of the first GW waveform observed. I would have loved to go, but I would be left to my own devices for  a few hours in an unknown city, it’s not long enough to discover anything or go exploring, and too short to be throw-away time. So I declined, and carried on with my day’s plans.


The Yakima River has been very high recently, and the smaller paths on the banks were muddy. It’s been “unusually wet” here recently – it rained twice last week – so I suppose it is to be expected.

A little later, I made it to the park

The sign said that pedestrians must give way to horses – but I do not like horses. They are big animals capable of real damage. I did not want to encounter horses, btu then, I didn’t expect to. I made a route in my head instantly.


Easy enough, right? I made it to the north end, only encountering one other person – a woman looking around in the sandy path. I asked if she’d lost anything, to be told that she was looking for Agate – clear stones. I don’t know why, and I didn’t press her on it, I just put my headphones back on and kept on walking. On the path, I saw horse-shoe marks and piles of horse dung. Apparently, horses do come this way quite often.


Here be horses


The way back was not quite so simple.


Due to the recent rain, the path was waterlogged in a number of places.  It meant that myt way home was way longer than it needed to be!

But it was pretty, and along the way, I ran into a horse – not litterally, but I had to give way to the horse. She wasn’t all that bad – a big white horse with a person on top.


I came back home about 4.30pm, another 5 miles. I relaxed for an hour before cooking food with Hang. As we ate, we watched some anime. Now, I’m writing on the sofa, watching more Always Sunny. What a binge!




  1. In Becky's Head · March 7, 2016

    Sounds like an awful lot of walking – I hope those new shoes are being good to your feet.


  2. I Go LIGO LHO · March 7, 2016

    They’re keeping my feet warm and dry – though in hindsight, I should have worn my proper walking boots yesterday.


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